You Are The World & The World is You

The world is a cup that is already filled but to get past the illusions it must be made empty. The ideas, the ideals, the Gods that we are taught to be like, the beliefs that have been handed down to us, how we ought to be in the world. Here in the western side we are taught to be like Jesus and to be the embodiment of all that he stood for. Which is to be lovers of truth and freedom, to be compassionate, and to be willing to give of ourselves even if it means death. Can truth exist when there is belief? Is to be compassionate merely being charitable? And if there is a God, a heavenly father what value what he place on a soul that died for a supposed righteous cause, because that soul never even cared for itself anyway; it was eager to die because it was already dead.

I see the nationalism in this country and I can see the ways in which Jesus has been exploited. The truth of charity is that we take away from those in whom charity is committed, the power within to do for oneself and we are proud to be on the giving rather than the receiving end. And although there may be compassion in charity to some strange degree the truth is that behind charity and compassion is the ego that’s merely pursuing pleasure for pleasures sake. And the giving of oneself, the self-sacrificing is a trait that I’m sure every good businessman hopes for in all his employees.

If Jesus were here we’d know the truth that he didn’t die for our sins. Show me evil and I’ll show you all the “good” intentions that created it. Surely “The Son of God” would’ve had some insight into sin to know that maybe it was manufactured, socially engineered and manipulated through the exploitation of ideas like groupthink and fear. What I think really happened is that Jesus lived to show us about the light that we all have inside us (Psalm 82 KJV “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High”) and he left that place where he was born and he never came back because his home was the entire universe.

According to the scholars, Jesus studied many religions and so it’s really hard to conceive that he died on a cross and by doing so he becomes the proxy for anyone that’s saved to gain entrance into heaven. Wouldn’t he have known the beauty that exists in all of us? And wouldn’t he have seen into the future, the modern world of today what acting as a proxy to heaven would do to our spirits? Because many of us today take very little responsibility for our lives, for our actions, let alone our spiritual well-being. I don’t think Jesus would’ve ever preached self-sacrifice because it’s laced with so much ego, tribalism and with the idea of attachment as love (which many of us know is not true love) but instead he would’ve taught about the dissolution of the egoic self or as the theologians would say tenosis which means self-emptying.

What is nationalism and why are there so many people with the “button” that when you push it you get this rabid response? What is this reaction that takes place when the nationalistic tendencies are put into question, when beliefs are challenged? It seems this tribal mentality is a part of the human-mind and I wonder if it’s possible to be free of it, possible for each of us to get out of our caves of watching that shadowy puppet show, to climb out of our wells to embrace the ocean of life for everything that it is and to include and welcome all. Well if beliefs can serve any purpose in life then perhaps I’ll say this “I believe that I can, I believe you can, and I believe we can.”

Post Author: Chad

Just another nobody attempting to understand himself and the world and sharing the process with others as he goes along.