World War 3: Rage Against The Self

I can’t even remember when I’ve last killed a fly, but a few days ago a bunch of them got into my car and flew inside my house through the garage. I don’t know what came over me but I went on a rampage, determined I started swatting as many as I could with my shirt and face towel, left and right, spinning around and around, I was a pissed off tornado with only one objective in mind and so I didn’t stop until every last one was dead. Well, at least I thought they were all dead because as it turned out they were all hiding in my closet. Those sneaky little bastards. Anyway, but before I found out, I felt terrible inside wondering why I had to go on my killing spree. Of course, I also felt justified thinking thoughts like, “Those dirty little things coming in uninvited hoping to shit on my food deserved what they had coming.” I felt guilty wondering why I had to kill when there were obviously other options.

Right now there is a war raging against an invisible enemy or at least an enemy that can only be seen with an electron microscope (Yeah and how many of us have access to such a thing?), they say it’s about 0.125 microns (or 125 nanometers) and it’s titled COVID-19 (Not to be confused with its relative and genetic counterparts known as Communism or Socialism [see: post depression era] but I will say that the apple does not fall far from the tree). I look around when I go to the store and I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I don’t see the sick people, I don’t see anyone coughing up blood, going into seizures, and then abruptly dying which is what should be happening to warrant the kind of reactions that’s being instigated by the media about this pandemic. But what I do see is a lot of stupidity and ignorance; obviously it’s fear that prevents the mind from growing, from healing, from embracing.

Every now and then I look around and I see people proudly wearing their cloth masks, walking along the streets all dignified like and I’m wondering why anyone in the world would wear a mask if they didn’t have to, especially when they’re outside on an empty stretch of paved road walking alone. Maybe it’s to avoid unwanted social interactions, perhaps to make a political statement or to show support for an ideology, or maybe it’s to play it extra safe, because from what the media is selling the coronavirus is getting smarter, stronger, and sneakier by the minute. And of course people are talking about World War 3 as if it’s going to happen soon but as I sit here now after all the riots, the countless casualties, the protests, the shelter in place orders, the “Face Coverings Required To Enter” signs I feel I’m getting a glimpse into what it might’ve been like as a civilian during World War 2.

They say that history is written by the victors and I wonder what it is that makes certain people feel so damn proud that they are a part of that winning side. For example, two countries may go to war and let’s assume that between the two one comes out the winner. And what does being the winner mean exactly because many have died, sacrificed so much, and millions are scarred and have lost the people they love on both sides. Whether it’s imperialism, an ideology, nationalism, to overthrow a tyrant, to revive a failing and depressed economy, or for freedom what have we as a civilization, as a race of people inhabiting this planet that we share and call Earth truly gained through all this bloodshed and war? Have we gained freedom? How about the freedom from ourselves? The pandemic has caused many within this restless world to slow down and the slowing down has exposed and uncovered those things that many of us would probably prefer not to look at (the mirror) and it is there staring right at us and there isn’t a place to turn and just ignore anymore.

Is COVID-19 an enemy that has been fabricated, a psychologically manufactured thing, or is it an actual life threatening virus that’s getting stronger and smarter by the minute whose only preoccupation is to infiltrate every living host with the hopes of making a home in only those who are deem fit, not weak but strong enough to take it in? Are the body bags, the rising death tolls really because of COVID-19 or was it the irrational fear that ultimately pulled the trigger, and if so, is it plausible that those who are behind the possible manufacturing of one of the greatest “hoaxes” in history knew about the idea of compromising the immune system through fear? Also, how exactly do these doctors, or coroners who rule the primary cause of death due to COVID-19 have the ability to definitively isolate and convict one group of viruses out of roughly 380 trillion viruses that make up the human virome, a community that inhabits each and every one of our bodies? I’d say it’s rather amazing but I’m boggled nonetheless how medical science professionals have access to such advanced technological gadgetry or abilities when in a world running primarily on fossil fuels, with judicial executions all the while shouting “pro-life”, of adults believing in God but not Santa Claus, a civilization that does not know their whereabouts or where they came from, and of course the people who have to work for a living who consider themselves “free”, who fight and have fought for this thing called freedom who despite and however contrary will “passionately” and fervently and quite possibly forever will unquestioningly uphold and reward the very systems that continually strive to keep them working.

For crying out loud, and I mean literally I feel like crying out loud a little too often these days at the sheer ridiculousness of it all. I mean seriously did humans evolve from apes or is it the other way around? And let’s take things one step further and lose some more brain cells and have a dialogue about intelligent design. What intelligent design? Tell me what’s so intelligent about the design to subjugate, dominate, and exploit everything; a society of leeches subsisting off a dead whale? Even the very idea of intelligence, all the images that have been implanted into our minds about what intelligence is are themselves entirely absurd. What has changed but the weather and oh yeah I guess we have a lot less body hair now, but maybe if we keep at it, maybe if we apply just a little more rogaine all the hair will grow back along with some cognitive abilities. Maybe.

Post Author: Chad

Just another nobody attempting to understand himself and the world and sharing the process with others as he goes along.