Why We Should All Be Extra Kind To Women Who Are Pregnant

I’ve been giving some thought to addiction, about the evils in the world, and about all the other things that makes one to sink into a hole and never come out. Where does it start? Where does all the craziness come from? I mean, I was just driving from Florida to Boston recently and I saw warning signs about human trafficking at the rest stops. I mean what in the world?

Nature vs. Nurture
When once I was unsure of the role of genetics or “nature” for the many troubles that plague our world, today I believe that I’m more sure that nurture is the bigger factor. In fact, scientific evidence shows that nurture plays a huge role in brain development and the development of other essential biological components necessary to get along in today’s challenging (to say the least) modern day world. For example, according to one study:

“…children ages 6 to 10 exposed to high levels of glucocorticoids in the womb, a brain area called the rostral anterior cingulate is thinner than in kids not exposed to high levels. The region is associated with emotional regulation, Davis said, and the kids with the thinning were generally more anxious” (source).

So is it possible that things like anxiety, lacking the ability to regulate emotions to anything like ADHD and depression all be linked to stress and abuse? If so, does eugenics even make sense? Does eugenics have any logical explanation and is it any different in terms of thinking and approaches to say genocide? I mean, both these concepts and practices aim to create and continue only specific characteristics, a certain kind of human and to wipe out all others. I mean does it make sense then, even after knowing that things like stress and abuse are the causes for deficiencies in development to focus our scientific resources anywhere else? Or I guess I should be asking is it humane?

Read More About Stress and Infant Development:

So the next time you hear about the people on the other side of the train tracks, or someone using the term “ghetto” to refer to someone that they believe is below them you might have more compassion and empathy rather than contempt. Because not only are the people in the areas of concentrated proverty continually being persecuted and ostracized in society for things beyond their control, but in more cases than not they are and have been subjected to years of abuse (physical and/or emotional) from basically everyone around them and I think they deserve more sympathy and compassion from a society based on Christianity. I mean, I’m sure many people would agree that it’s stupid to put people in jail for using drugs. They are the victims! And yet society for some reason or another feels differently. They say “she’s not trying hard enough” or “he’s never going to change” and the list goes on and on. And like what was exemplified in the movie “The Homesman” it’s another case of an endless cycle of the abusers persecuting the abused to the point they become so silent they eventually lose their mind, become paralyzed. I was listening to Viola Davis on television talking about rape victims and I think the cycle and the experience of what it’s like to be what some might refer to as the “undesirables” in our society is very much the same.

So What’s the Point?
At the very least we need to have more compassion for the pregnant women in our society. At the very least we need to provide women of all ages, in every city, with havens that provide for them the basic necessities of life. A peaceful place to feel safe and be free of unnecessary stressors and to be empowered. Moreover, wherever a pregnant women goes she should feel safe and welcomed Bottom-Line. And the other point is, or rather plea would be that that we all stop making conclusions about each other especially when they are based on outward appearances and tendencies to make snap judgements. We are more than our conditioning, and we can be that which is compassionate for that is where true strength exists. Let us give in to the force that strives to understand and empathize rather than that which stands to judge and persecute with nothing real to back it up. The next generation is counting on us and I know we will not fail them.

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