Why Homelessness Is and Will Always Be Until…

Homelessness throughout the country is growing and while job loss, drugs and mental illness are continually spotlighted as the reasons for why this is, drugs and mental-illness are merely the side-effects of having a heart within a heartless society.

According to Gustave Le Bon and Edward Bernays humans are essentially domesticated animals who are driven by conflict and irrational impulses and tendencies. For example, why would a rational or sane person go to war and abandon his/her family to go and kill another family in some other foreign land for a cause he/she does not understand? What makes any rational or sane person suddenly willing to kill? And why when we are nation of so-called Jesus loving and God fearing people do we give up our souls to the leaders of our government to let them dictate when the 10 commandments no longer apply? The truth is it’s not your government that you should be afraid of. It’s not the 1 percent that are the so-called reptiles. They only put the guns in your hands and tell you that it’s okay to shoot to kill but it’s “you the people” that have to pull the trigger. When it’s all said and done it’s your karma. You will have to answer for the things that you have done, not what someone or something supposedly made you do. Jiddu Krishnamurti spoke a lot about society and is often quoted as saying “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society” and isn’t that what this all is?

We give advice to the people we love such as “be yourself” without ever understanding what the self is. Without acknowledging for a second that one of the most fundamental functions of being normal in our society is to imitate or in other words to follow the good example of others. Learning is a form of imitation. The memorizing, the regurgitating, the recitals, and all the rest of it. Monkey see monkey do. And isn’t conforming and imitating corrupt any way you look at it? Conformity says conform or suffer the social consequences. People don’t love their Gods, love Jesus, they love money. Go to any church and see it for yourself. And what is good? Isn’t morality subjective? And if it isn’t then what is it? Families everywhere, everyday become homeless and the reasons are many. We have child abuse, domestic abuse, job loss, mental-illness, drug and alcohol addiction and if we stop for a moment we might see the movement of disabilities and illnesses and how it is perpetuated, how it carries over from one person to the next, one generation to the next. See the insanity of our ways.

We are interested in interstellar space travel but not in understanding the human-being. We are consumed by giving ourselves to causes to make ourselves feel purposeful and delight in helping the less fortunate but we don’t care to understand why the less-fortunate exists. Our need for the less-fortunate in our pleasure and pain seeking culture supersedes the fundamental needs of the less fortunate. Isn’t that the truth? We prey on each-other on the less-fortunate. Humans consider themselves to be the most intelligent species walking God’s green earth but when we see the nature of the ways in which we conduct ourselves, the ways in which we operate we might see the truth of exactly what it is that we are. We’re barbaric monsters. Many might agree and say that humans are the scum of the earth. We’ve found every way to exploit everything alive and dead on this planet and we call it innovation, technological advancements, and intelligence. To put it simply and in economic terms because that’s what many of us are concerned with (money that is), the homeless or less-fortunate are there because of supply and demand. The homeless are no different than a six pack of coke. That is, homelessness will always be a problem because there is a need and demand for that problem. The question is why when we’re supposedly such an advanced and civilized nation.

Shouldn’t we be above this kind of predatory participation and dissemination of fear based programming? We do it to the people we claim we love. Our children, our neighbors, our sisters and brothers, our parents. Why do we need to have others suffer just so we can feel better about ourselves and our station in life? Why do people have to starve and freeze to death just to keep the machine of progress, innovation, and advancement going when so many of us deep down know that there’s a better way? It’s like electric vehicles, the technology is already there but for some reason much of the world is still running on fossil fuels. Why aren’t we as a people demanding to be able to trade in our fossil fuel vehicles for an electric one? Or to have our vehicles converted for free? Why don’t we demand better and more for ourselves and for our children? Why don’t we all stop working until demands are heard and acted on? If the people have the power and if governments and corporations are there to serve the people then why do we operate and behave as if it’s the other way around? Fueled by conflict, irrational impulses and tendencies sounds about right. There’s nothing rational, sane, or intelligent about the human-being, because the human-being has not realized what a human-being is. We’re all just a bunch of animals preying on each other and we call it life and living and we’re so limited in our minds, so insular and incapable of imagining a way of living that supports life rather than dominating and destroying it. Homelessness will no longer be once people understand how to love one another, to love the self of the spirit, to see each other as spirits, beyond the skin and bones, as brothers and sisters within a universe that is limitless; timeless and immeasurable.

Post Author: Chad

A child of the universe. A student of life and death.