Why Do We Need To Be Governed? Why Do We Need Leaders?

Why do we need to be governed? Why do we need politicians? After-all we are adults. We aren’t children who need looking after and so, why have we come to accept that we are incapable of governing ourselves? Why do we need leaders? Why do we need the authorities? I watch the news and Trump and Hillary are almost neck-and-neck and considering what has happened with the whole thing with Kavanaugh, which resulted with outcrys from women saying that their voice matters just moments before the mid-term elections. Suddenly it becomes clear, when one hears the words about the world being a stage, life just being a big play. And of course you have now Trump and Hillary in a race for the Presidency. I don’t see any difference between the two candidates. Do you not see how we are being played? Despite Hillary Clinton running for the Democrats, why does one not see that there is no difference between her aims and that of Donald Trump, that is, one is speaking beyond the superficial differences of course. When one sees it clearly we are being treated like children and we are responding that way. They say what color would you like? (democrats or republican), what flavor would you like (Hillary or Trump), when the truth is between the both of them they are just a popsicle.

What difference does it make who wins? Because obviously the job of the politicians are to keep people divided. So as, to continue to churn the wheel that keeps the demand for armaments growing, so that we can have our buffets and the butter and the cheese at the cost of thousands and millions of lives many of whom are children and women. Why do we need to be governed? Why do we need leaders? Are we not capable of being the adults that we know that we are? Why is so hard for many us to stand on our own or at least just to entertain the idea and question of: Why do we need to be governed? Why couldn’t we just look seriously at that question and truly come to terms with it for the mere sake of the desire for a better future for our children.

So long as there is this “they versus us, you people and my people, my country and your country, women are from mars and men are from venus,” so long as we keep this going, so long as we continue to be divided as people we will be divided as brothers and sisters of human-kind. And our leaders they set the stages and create the divide in our minds, then in our hearts because they will appear to favor one over the other and the other over the one till jealousy and resentment ensues. Eventually both come to hate the other and then the leaders step-in and provide the means to settle the differences with armaments. This has happened all over the world. Why do we need leaders? Why when we hate the brutality and all the violence and have undergone all this suffering do we not want to look seriously into the matter to cut the cancer at the very root? Then and only then can we have peace as brothers and sisters in the eyes of God (in the Rumi sense of the word which is the universal connection with all things). Because we have accepted the idea and out of love have acted on that idea, the idea that it is absolutely unacceptable to kill another. Of course this sudden shift in consciousness has to happen to everyone at once for peace to happen. Then peace will be immediate. If we want peace as many of us claim that we do, this is all that needs to take place for peace to be a reality for all of humanity.

Post Author: Chad

A student of life and death.