What Are Earthing & Grounding Mats & Do They Really Work?

I had a concern the other day about intermittent EMF frequencies that are emitted by smartphones and I soon found myself scouring the internet for grounding mats and the like. Anyway, to make a long story short let me NOT tell you about all the possible health risks that I dug up especially to unborn babies because it’s very unsettling. True or not, either way while getting the truth I’m going to be more conscientious about EMFs and I most certainly will not be getting any of those grounding or “earthing” mats because they could potentially increase the possible dangers of all the unhealthy electrical frequencies that many of us swim in everyday and I’ll show you why.


Here’s a little story of a little electron that you might want to hear to make it all clear.

There’s a little boy and his name is Electron and he has a negative charge. Not because he’s negative but because he needs to be around positive protons. He’s an orphan and he’s been drifting through life one family to the next in search of a proton family that compliments him (a family that needs an electron). But he hasn’t had much luck. So eventually he becomes an adult and he’s magnetized this way and the other. One day he’s in a battery and another he’s in lawnmower until he finds himself being pulled into a current so strong that he soon finds himself in a world so vast and so big. Home at last! Little electron has been grounded.

All grounding means is to have a connection to the earth. Isn’t this profound? It seems many humans are just like electrons. We all want to get back to the earth. From the free radicals in our bodies to the “free radicals” of the world. But grounding to protect ourselves from EMF is a little backwards.


When working with electronics I’ve had to ground myself so as not to break or short the components of whatever device I was working on. That is my body then becomes a conduit for the extra charges and it absorbs the extra currents of electricity. But to ground myself to protect myself from something like EMFs can be bad because I suddenly become a conduit for all the wandering and aimless currents in the air wanting to get back to the ground.


1. Move to the United States National Radio Quiet Zone in West Virginia
2. Look at the tips I’ve provided on a previous article.
3. Walk barefooted on the earth. Take yourself and your family and anyone you care about to enjoy a nice bare foot walk on the sands of the ocean, desert, or mountains. Somewhere where you don’t see a bunch of electric poles everywhere.
4. Get a multimeter and conduct some experiments for yourself.



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