What Does 9-11, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and The TV Series “Lost” Have in Common?

Throughout history there have been many reports of planes that have suddenly dissapeared. Sometimes there were no bodies and no plane and sometimes there were just fragments of a plane but no bodies. Things that just don’t add up.

Many questions have been raised regarding flight 370 and the planes of 9-11 and many believe that there’s something weird going on. So what exactly happened and what is it that we aren’t being told by the mainstream news but are being told through movies and tv shows? Is the truth is hidden in plain sight?

The most convincing claims debunking the 9-11 hoax are those from scientists and structural engineers that explain how a couple planes are just incapable of demolishing the twin towers from top to bottom even if they were laced with bombs. But some new theories have surfaced and according to the following YouTube videos there were no planes.

Entertaining the possibility that these YouTube videos are true and the planes were just holograms then where did the people go? Back in 1989 a movie titled “Millennium” came out with Kris Kristofferson that suggests that maybe they were abducted. If they were abducted then were did they go? One idea I have is maybe they’re on an island somewhere. Just 3 years after the supposed “terrorist” attacks of 9-11 on “September 22, 2004” (September 11 and September 22?) a series titled “Lost” came out that followed the lives of the survivors of a plane crash on a mysterious island. Is it possible that the people from flight 370 and 9-11 are on an island somewhere and are being observed and being used as the hidden inspiration behind shows like “Lost?” It’s just a theory. Thanks for reading!

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