Vaccines & Autism & Eugenics – The Final Proof?

Vaccines. Many of us believe that they were created to help us, not harm us. According to Kelly Brogan M.D. the CDC has not been honest with us. They’ve intentionally withheld and suppressed information that shows links between vaccines and autism. In fact, those that have made the efforts to hide these findings from the public were actually rewarded.

Furthermore, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has been pouring all kinds of money towards vaccines. According to Mark Kishon Christopher (“The Real Morpheus”), Bill Gates has made loads of money off corruption. The windows operating system that many of us have come to depend on was actually created by corrupting the kernel (the central part of an operating system). Planned obsolescence.

Moreover, we know that Bill Gates has been supporting Monsanto (merge with Bayer) and GMO’s which works off the same principle. They’ve engineered seeds that are corrupted at the very core. Under the guise of feeding the hungry what they may be doing is a thing called eugenics or perhaps genocide is a better word. But who knows. Bill Gates has also been sued by India for illegal testing of tribal children. However, it seems there may be a lot more to it. Please read this article for further investigation into this matter. Still, however, to quote Bill Gates “I love vaccines!”

So what’s really going on? Should we be afraid of vaccines? Many people who believe in vaccines make the argument “so what if there’s a chance of autism at least it’s better than death or getting a horrible and a highly painful disease.” Sounds logical. And maybe all this vaccine and autism stuff that’s creating a mass panic isn’t worthy of all of the attention that it’s getting. At the same time, according to an article by the American Academy of Pediatrics, if your child has eczema, vaccines should be delayed or dismissed altogether. If a parent does choose to vaccinate a child with eczema it warns that the child should be kept away from any siblings for 21 days. Here’s an article for more.

Please do your research and come to your own conclusions. For more on the view that vaccines aren’t something that we should be afraid of, please watch the following video.

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