Usary-The Sickness That Has Infiltrated Our Hearts & Minds

There is a fire that is sweeping the world. It is the awakening to the ideology that has impregnated, that has mesmerized all of us into allowing the incomprehensible to enter. Much like the women who end up having these babies from men who they do not understand. Men who do not understand the women and the women who do not understand the man. Both ignorant of who they are and why they are the way they are. And we are all sick with this feeling and we are incapable of understanding the source of it. And daily we swim in it and we do not question it. For the moment we do chaos arises. So we run from the pain to the pleasure but do not see that both are one and the same.

The ideology I’m speaking of is usury. Which by definition lending money with interest. All the religions speak against it but none of the so-called religious people are listening. We speak about better economies, better jobs, capitalism which are by products of this idea. An idea when seen clearly only works when there is war, and division. When there are people using each other. People who see each other in terms of “utility.” The ship is sinking and it is time to let the river speak. To allow the river to carry us. To allow self-will, to allow the self, to completely dissolve.

Post Author: Chad

A citizen of the universe. A student of life and death.