TV Series Inspired By Real Life Events

There are a lot of interesting things floating around the internet these days. From the moon soul recycling center and energy sucking archons to theories about the earth being flat and gravity being nothing but fabricated lies all to trap us in a mind numbing, very limited paradigm of slavery and control. Anyway, as if there’s not enough of these and many other things to binge on YouTube, here are some television series that entertain some of these wildly mind boggling ideas that are hard to believe and sometimes based on facts.

1. Stranger Things – Inspired by the Montauk Project and MK Ultra.
2. The OA – Inspired by the Montauk Project and MK Ultra.
3. Under The Dome – Inspired by Flat Earth Theories that we are living in a biosphere and is also based on a book by Stephen King.

Post Author: Chad

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