The Silli-Con Valley

A place that doesn’t deserve its reputation for being the most technologically advanced place in the world. A place supposedly of highly sophisticated and civilized people but I saw nothing but the “ultra spiritual” and intellectuals who do not know how to think for themselves. Let’s be honest if they did, there would be bathrooms for the homeless beyond the filthy bed bug ridden places called shelters that only help those with IDs. I suppose the really important people are too busy working out ways to get to Mars. There is no humanity in Silicon Valley. People are isolated, overworked, and fearful of each other. Even as a tourist there is no place to use the bathroom without having to spend money. City transportation costs are backwards. No day passes for busses. Class distinctions are hard to ignore. The poor treat the poorer like garbage. Those who aren’t homeless are so proud of themselves. Not thinking for a moment that they could be homeless at anytime (rent prices in this area are insane), or that a member of their family, or even their children might be homeless.

Post Author: Chad

A student of life and death.