The Reason Why “The Churches” Support the Hateful Anti-Homosexual & Anti-Transgender Movement

Please Note: Some of the stuff covered here may not be appropriate for anyone who has a bad heart or is too sensitive or is extremely religious. Please be advised.

Something To Think About
If we are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of God and we are searching to heal and find love for ourselves and for each other why does God single out only these children and judge them unreasonably harsh to say that there’s no place in heaven for them? Murderers and rapists can be forgiven but not homosexuals? Seriously? I’d rather go to hell than be a child of such a God if that is in fact how he operates.

I find it crazy to think that there are parents out there of every religion with children who identify with these groups and can’t find anyway to stand up for their children. If you can’t stand up for your children then who can you stand up for? It’s spineless and such a shame. I mean if children can’t turn to their parents for love, understanding, empathy, and compassion who then can they turn to in a world that has them singled out?

They Need Vulnerable & Desperate

The global elite… The rapists and molesters all over the churches, in the boy scouts, in children’s hospitals, boys and girls homes, and everywhere and anywhere where there are desperate and vulnerable children and people to prey on there they’ll be, waiting with open arms and a smile as bright as the sun. I’ve been taught to keep an eye out for those who make a living off desperation. If supply needs demand and demand supply how do we keep supplying the demand for desperate, lonely, confused & vulnerable people so that they can be used and exploited to serve the greedy, selfish, and evil agendas?

If the human race didn’t procreate anymore who would these nasty people molest? Who will the rapists rape? Who will they enslave to run their Earthly prison? So, you see “they’ve” been working hard to circumvent the possible outbreak of upheavals and revolutions with robotic technology to keep their factories producing because they know that people are getting savvy to debt and wage slavery. They’ve been working hard with Church leaders to get all the members to be disgusted by homosexuals and transgenders because they’re still working on perfecting their cloning technologies and lab engineering of humans in preparation for the next iteration of the human experiment should the need for nuclear destruction arise. They still need more time to collect as much human DNA samples (& behavioral data) as they can because the metaphorical “big deluge” is coming to reset everything.

Whether these theories are true or not, we as the people; all the people of the Earth, we all need to stand together, to stop discriminating, to stop judging each other, and start getting together to start discussing things like this because we’re all humans that are obviously not in the loop.

So we need to get together not farther apart because of some petty difference like a sexual preference (or how we prefer to dress or how we choose to reinvent ourselves) to figure these things out for ourselves and for each other. Because it’s quite possible that the ones we think that are coming to save us aren’t really coming. Or maybe the people that we think that are trying to save and protect us like our governments and corporations (Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg) are the ones actually hurting us. I mean Bill Gates and Monsanto, Mark Zuckerberg and him trying to steal Hawaiian land, and Elon Musk with his Nuclear fallout proof vehicles? I don’t know but anyway, now more than ever we as the people need to stand together! Namaste.

Post Author: Chad

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