The Most Dangerous Idea in the World

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Now let me start by saying that this is in no way a direct attack on capitalism, and we know the cold war has already ended so nor is this a plea for communism. Instead, this is an essay that attempts to expand on an idea presented by Bruce Alexander to domesticate capitalism to cure the illness that plagues our world for the generations to come, or in other words for our children.

But before I start let us all take a step back and look at the true nature of money. What is money? It’s an idea backed by a belief, a belief in a different way of life. A life founded on property and ownership, of safety and security from the wild, unmanageable variables of life; it is the “civilized way” that is far from the “unruly savage lifestyles” of the native peoples to which religion has played a big part in selling, and selling well I might add. The question was how do we control the masses and get them to compete in creating a world “we” want to live in? See, you can’t control the masses if the masses are decentralized, independant, fragmented, and scattered into small tribes all of which are unique but are still connected in a spiritual way that’s inherent in a lifestyle that is closely tied and dependent on the land they inhabit. Not seeking and needing anything outside of this paradigm but still free to do so if they choose.

We’ve all heard the term that time is money. And what is time? Time can be translated to sweat equity. And in a culture that says that the amount of money you have is in direct proportion to how one is spending their time then that would mean that everyone should be rich and yet this is not the case. I mean just think of how many of us are putting in our 9 to 5 but are just barely making it, excluding those who are working jobs where they are on-call or working overtime. So why believe in any of this time is money business? Why give any credence to it at all because obviously its deceiving us and making us forget our true value. And our true value is all hinged on variables beyond our control. For example, the jobs that are available and the wages these jobs pay. We could literally spend 24 hours a day working these jobs with wages ignorant of the costs of living which inevitably is then met by bubbling expenses like daycare, commuting expenses, rent, and the list goes on and on and still end up inadvertently in an endless battle for survival like Sisyphus. So obviously there’s something wrong with the system of the way things are. Regardless of the costs, the current infrastructures and systems in place for our society today is outdated and is not inclusive of the generation of the 21st century and needs to be revamped. So where do we start? Capitalism.

What fuels capitalism? Growth. What fuels growth? Perhaps it’s the need for more and more and more. And when does this need for more ever become satiated? It doesn’t and it shouldn’t and if it ever does our whole economic system would topple and go belly up. It’s much like cancer if we think about it. So what’s the answer? The answer is in Rat Park. We need to get all the children out of the prisons (including psychiatric institutions). We need to allow for people to choose whether they want to work for someone else or not and not have to worry about things like shelter and food. School will also not be a requirement. Basically provide heaven on earth.

Much like Jacque Fresco’s Venus Project but different in that society may be divided into small self-sufficient communities that does not rely on the assumption that everyone will do their part to ensure that the wheel continues to spin (let’s just call it “SSAC” for now [self-sufficient autonomous communities]). Communities where the basic necessities of life are provided for autonomously and/or with very little human intervention. With the assistance of environmentally safe and friendly technologies we can provide everything a person needs to thrive or not if they so choose without any kinds of repercussions in place if they opt for the latter. In this way, each community can be independant, and for those things beyond which can be defined as “basic necessities” of life a currency can be created for the buying and selling of whatever products, goods and services that the community wants. Each community will have a currency of their own. Hence, capitalism domesticated.

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Namaste, As Salam U Alaikum, Shalom, and may peace, love, and happiness be upon you all.

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