The Kali Yuga – Another Explanation For Our World Today

There are some who may easily dismiss other ideas and explanations for what’s truly happening to our world and instead point to groups like the ruling elite, the Illuminati, the evil Satanic forces invoked by Luciferians. And while I do not doubt the existence of things like greed and the thirst for blood I do, however, believe that there’s something more to it all; something a bit more mysterious and beyond the comprehension of the senses and beyond the grasp of logical thinking. And while I have entertained ideas like that of technologies such as HAARP being employed to manipulate our weather to cause floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes I do think there’s something deeper at play. Imagine if the earth functioned like a giant clock.

Is it so difficult to entertain the possibility of tectonic shifts being nothing more than gears shifting on our planet? For all we know the Earth could be nothing more than a giant spaceship that consists of 4 gears which some might refer to as the golden age, silver age, bronze age, and iron age (or dark age). How or when these gears shift may depend entirely on the reactions of an etheric body whose temperament is the manifestation of the absorbed consciousness of our entire species. That is, it may be ill, irritated, hurt, sad, or happy all because of how people are conducting themselves on our planet. For those of you who have been keeping up with current events there’s no question to the devastations; the mass killings, the fires, the floods, the hurricanes, the protests and riots, so many displaced families, plagues, the fear of WW3, and the strange occurrences of incalculable deaths of all kinds of animals with no convincing scientific arguments as to why they died. This is why I’m fascinated by the Kali Yuga idea.

Without going into too much detail about the implications of the Yuga time cycles or where they come from, I will say that there are some who have speculated and calculated that the time we live in now is at the end of the Kali Yuga cycle. And while scholars and researchers do not all see eye to eye on these speculations, it is nonetheless something to consider when tackling the question “What’s happening to our world?” With that said the year 2025 is the date given for consummation of the Kali Yuga cycle which means that things will very likely get a lot worst before things get better. All hell will break lose and for those looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, a Golden Age will follow.

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