What Does The 5G Solution & The 5th Dimensional Ascension Have in Common?

Oh I’m getting sloppy here because I really don’t feel like writing but something’s bugging to get out. So anyway, I’ve watched this video on YouTube warning about the potential dangers of a 5G world, a world that most people seem to be looking forward to. Live and let be right. Well, for what it’s worth this is my attempt at raising awareness on the issue.

I won’t go into too much detail here but I will say this. The 5th dimensional ascension is nothing more than the upgrade of 5G wireless internet. This is what the “smart world” of tomorrow is all about. Interconnectivity – or should I say “we are all one.” But being all one may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. I mean just imagine anyone being able to access your brain and take from it or put into it things which you have not consciously permitted. Eventually we can all literally rape each other’s minds. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?

See we have been breathing in RFID chips falling down from the skies. Chemtrails that’s what they’re calling it. I think that this is the 5d crystalline upgrade that many channelers & New Age leaders are getting their listeners to get all giggly about. Everyone in the New Age world is so excited for the times to come to experience the new 5d world. There are many warnings being dissiminated saying not to get the Mark of the Beast and to avoid getting chipped at all costs – but it’s quite possible that most of us have these chips in our bodies already if the chips are in fact in the chemtrails.

So if you’re part Pleiadian, Reptilian, Mantis or whatever – you might just think again. Maybe the 5th dimensional ascension is all lies. Maybe, I don’t know. I’m not saying that aliens don’t exist, but what I am saying is that the aliens that are being channeled are not giving us the truth. They’re telling us one thing when it’s something else entirely. All I’m saying is please just think about these things.

Post Author: Chad

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