The 2017 Solar Eclipse – Now What?

Today the moon is passing between the Earth and the sun in what is known as a solar eclipse. Yes! All a solar eclipse is (without going into too much scientific detail) is the moon blocking the sun’s light to the Earth. I’ve been following all kinds of theories of this day from all sides speculating on what will happen during this event or as a result of this event. There are end time prophecies warning of the beginning of the tribulation, theories about the ties with the eclipse and movies like “The Ring” as well as ideas about the timeline split and the gateway (or portal) to the higher realms and the convergence of stargates.

There is without a doubt a sinister plan that is unfolding and in the works, hidden in plain sight and the primary goal of this plan is to dominate and take full control over humans. From the Colgate Clock in New Jersey (which literally means “Dark Gate Clock”), the “One World” trade center in New York, The Georgia guidestones, to CERN, Elon Musk, the New Age movement, and Jade Helm 15 there is a connection and a reality that wants to manifest and people are awakening to it every day and because of it the plans of the elite are being thwarted and delayed.

There is a grid that has been activated on Earth. The elite want everyone connected to it and RFID chips are their answer. Whether these chips will be injected through vaccines, put into the chemtrail mixtures to be inhaled by the unsuspecting, or voluntarily implanted – the plan is to connect us all to the grid for world domination and control.

Once we’re all connected to the grid an artificial intelligence program (Jade Helm 15) will be deployed (if it hasn’t been deployed already) and all will be remotely analyzed, watched, scrutinized and if there’s anything that’s not in line with their control system, intervention will take place. They might push a button and turn people off, eliminate them, implant new memories, or erase old memories – basically anything that can be thought of and that is within the capabilities of their technology. Oh boy can’t wait for the crystalline upgrades and the new 5th dimensional reality. Anyway, I’ve included a few videos on the topics that I’ve discussed enjoy.

Until next time, please understand that these are just theories that I have come up with by connecting of the dots of my own journey & none of it is very well researched. So please do your own research, listen to your heart, and as always come to your own conclusions. Namaste.

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2017 Solar Eclipse

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