Tantra What it is and What it isn’t

Tantra today has been perverted and equated with ritualistic sex practices of orgies and sexual freedom in almost every imaginable way. Sex cults are springing up everywhere like McDonald’s and spirituality has become synonymous with nothing but egocentric ideas like Kundalini energy which is all somehow based on sex.

The word Tantra literally means loom, warp, or weave (source) or intertwine like the two strands of a double helix. So if spirituality is about going within and detaching from the dependency of exoteric thinking and consciousness; to come to our own individual realizations about life, and about forming our own perspectives based on the truths of our own journey then Tantra as it is known in modern culture today is very misleading.

Much like yoga is equated with excercise, poses, a type of pants and habits of eating which is all flesh centered, the word Tantra has been manipulated to do the same and it’s wrapped around a thing called Kundalini energy. The idea of Kundalini energy plays on our weaknesses, makes promises to our egos, and seduces us with the things that it says that we can achieve once we learn how to obtain and access it. It sounds like the marketing of another wonder drug to me.

So what is tantra? Tantra is just another idea, a concept, a thought, a modality and it can either serve you or not. Quite often it’s being used as an instrument to exploit the innocent, the unsuspecting into opening up their bodies, to naively weave themselves and give over their energies to the guru or whoever it is that talks about things like “egoless sex.” Tantra is about “the path” to connect with God or merging and becoming whole again and it’s all within.

As always please do your own research, listen to your heart, and come to your own conclusions. Namaste.

Post Author: Chad

A Nobody Just Trying to Figure Things Out.