Sin·gu·lar·i·ty” – a hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence and other technologies have become so advanced that humanity undergoes a dramatic and irreversible change.”

Once it was I, just me and maybe a hand full of others who self-isolated themselves from the world not because they wanted to but because there were no other options to go on living. Now, the world is in turmoil, and most of its inhabitants are told, some against their will to self-isolate in the name of safety, security and survival.

There are rumors circulating that state that the oil, the fossil fuels that the so-called civilized people have relied so heavily is going to dry up before 2050. The world is acting on this information and various nations are in the process of banning the manufacturing of gas powered vehicles as early as 2030. There are riots, protests, people standing up against the injustices, people speaking up siding with whatever ideas the mind has said will satiate the cravings of the self-protective mechanism. What has changed? People have and are always looking after theirs, their own kind and what regard is given to the others? What is it but fear that is the driving force behind most if not all of our actions which is the mechanical self in which we operate from moment to moment.

One is conceived, an idea is given and then it’s recorded, and from that recording action takes place, and that is the beginning of the human. Life continues and there is the constant accumulation of ideas, experiences, and material goods. There is an idea that the millennials are more interested in experiences rather than things and one wonders if there’s any real difference between the two other than the obvious. They argue that humans are not robots but yet humans operate purely within a fictitious realm of fallacies and fantasies. That is, the past and the future are merely ideas and the present is the only fact and yet it’s the past and the future that dictate the choices we make, the actions we take or don’t take. “What will happen if I say this? What will happen if I don’t do that? What things have I’ve become attached to that if I don’t do this I’ll lose?” The image of the past carefully ushers the mind into a pool of fear and uncertainty and it doesn’t like it. And then the prospects of the possible future of “If I do this, if I don’t this, if I say this, I’ll lose this…” reinforces the bubble of safety and then a choice is made which is ultimately to preserve and save the self. So are the choices that humans make predictable and static or can the choices we make be something new, spontaneous, and dynamic?

The need for change is no longer a plea, a small cry for action from the small minority within the marginalized, it is now I’m afraid something else entirely. If we look outside, turn on our televisions, talk with our neighbors, and keep up with current events however contrived we might believe it all to be, there is nonetheless an overwhelming bellowing inside that is but a tick away from turning all the fans on and letting all the shit go. Some say all that’s happening in the world is for the good and others will hold on for dear life or limb feeling passionately that what is happening is all evil. Singularity, has it happened already?

The mind is a very mechanical thing. Everything that is now has been and is derived from the past. What I am is yesterday and what I will be tomorrow is also yesterday, there is no room to let anything vital into the room, into the storehouse of the now. What does it mean that the observer is the observed? What exactly does confirmation bias imply? Because one is today all the many yesterdays, she views today through the lens of the past and therefore is incapable of recognizing what is, she is clouded by the yottabytes of experiences and memories; the past. All the experiences, memories, with all the likes and dislikes, all the fears and insecurities, the pleasures, the joys and desires, the traumas and when she looks at the now what is it that is there but all that is anything but the real.

Psychologically speaking, is there anything different from the biological entity that is called human from the robotic entity known as robot? Aside from the possibility that one is driven purely by fear, conditioned and programmed with the constant need for greater security and avoidance of pain and suffering, is there any one particular thing that makes one not the other?

One may look out into the world and for a brief moment see the whole and with clear eyes perhaps a truth will make its way in. That is, beyond the surface lies the fact that the seeking and the holding onto the illusions is a dance that is orchestrated by our environments which exploits the very fact that we operate from the past and future, in other words exploiting ones inability to acknowledge that life is in a constant state of flux, ever decaying and never permanent. Yet we hideaway and deceive ourselves and each other with these ideas of the afterlife, of heaven and hell, of memories when we felt the most secure, safe, and satisfied while the river of the now flows everlastingly into the nothing. Within the space of chronological time one appears very normal. She goes about the daily routines, has another birthday, and sees that the body is slowly getting old. But in the space of psychological time he is not right, he is the madman that cannot contain his obsession. He stands over that deep psychological pit that has no end and desperately acts to fill it with not a shovel and dirt but with thousands of pictures. Perhaps it’s time to throw the camera in as well.

Post Author: Chad

Just another nobody attempting to understand himself and the world and sharing the process with others as he goes along.