Siddha-Veda Deep Healing From the Inside Out

Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy. ~Lao Tzu

If you’re battling a disease, an illness, a disorder, or condition that conventional medicine does not have an answer for, then you might consider Siddha medicine. In short, Siddha medicine is beyond the superficial healing that conventional medicine is all about. Instead, it simply states that whatever the Earth needs the same is true regarding our bodies; “microcosm with the macrocosm.”

Much like the Shaman in many native cultures, the true Siddha healing techniques are made known to only a few and from what I’ve gathered, there are only scattered remnants of the original Sanskrit writings left today. Essentially, it’s about balancing the body to have a healthy soul (or harmonizing with the soul to have a healthy body) which is accomplished through the harmonizing of the wind (Vaadham), fire (Pittham), water and earth (Kapam) energies. When any of these energies are out of alignment or out of synch with each other undesirable conditions may result (i.e. disease, illness, disorders).

If you or a loved one have something like cancer; something that conventional medicine does not have an answer for then you might at the very least consider Siddha medicine. Please note that there are many similarities between Siddha-Veda and Ayurvedic medicine but they are not the same. For an explanation please go here.

The way I see it finding someone who is a true Siddhar is going to be a bit tricky and Ayurvedic healers are a dime a dozen. These days, I’ve found that to be an Ayurvedic healer all one needs to do is take a course for a couple months. Just hold onto your check-book until you’re completely sure that the Siddhar that you’ve found is the real deal, and if they are they probably wouldn’t even care for your money anyway. Please watch the following video for more and thanks for stopping by. Namaste, As Salam U Alaikum, Shalom, and may peace, love, wellness and happiness be upon you all.

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