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Our impulses, our baser instincts, our “hot-buttons” are being exploited every day to hit sales quotas in almost every aspect of our lives. If money is the issue then you can be sure that there are quotas involved even if it’s not packaged as such. I’m not saying to go get paranoid; I’m saying get informed if you can before you make those buying decisions. For me, I despise being treated like prey and I only like to buy from people & companies who are transparent, have good customer service, have a fair return policy, a “good” product and that don’t try to use any psychological tricks on me. So here are 3 psychological tricks that sales professionals will and do use to make sales and you might do well to familiarize yourself with them.

Keeping Up With the Joneses
There’s a movie about it called “The Joneses” with David Duchovny (Mulder from “X-Files”) that pretty much spells it out at every angle. You see it all over social media, you see it on infomercials, and you hear about it when people are selling you things. Even as a child we would all crave that attention that Joe gets when he’s flaunting his new backpack around or whatever the hyping trend was at the time. Joe probably doesn’t know it but he’s marketing and selling the products of major corporations and he’s not getting any commissions from it.

Fear of Loss or Loss Aversion
Who wants to miss out on a good deal? Black Friday, all the after holiday sales, all the red tag specials, and the list goes on and on. And boy all the money you could be saving right? I’m not so sure. “Here test drive this, try it for yourself” all these tactics are used to get these products in your hands because the idea is once it’s in your hands it’ll be harder for you to let go.

Sense of Urgency
“If you act within the next 5 minutes we’ll throw in a second one for free! And if you don’t think that’s enough…” Blah Blah Blah. We’ve all heard that line before and if you’re like me you’ve bought all kinds of things this way only to find out that it’s junk later on. Who cares if you get two for the price of one when it’s junk and why do you need to act so fast when the same commercial is running day after day.

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