Nursemaids Elbow or Dislocated Elbow Common in Children Between Ages 1 & 4

The following is for informational purposes only. I am NOT a licensed medical doctor. Please consult with a medical professional if one is available.

If your child is crying and in extreme pain after a slight tug on their hand or wrist, and is between the ages of 1 and 4, and broken bones can be ruled out with certainty, your child may be suffering a dislocated elbow or “nursemaids elbow.”

Additionally, you can find more evidence that it’s a dislocated elbow if your child won’t move their arm from the shoulder down and they hold it across their tummy (around the solar plexus). Similar to a shoulder dislocation but a shoulder normally wouldn’t dislocate from a slight tug at the hand or wrist.

Here are some videos that might offer more information.

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