Jiddu Krishnamurti on Predator and Prey

How does one not become a victim while not becoming a predator?

That is, how does one stop exploiting without being exploited? Right? It’s the same question, isn’t it? I don’t want to exploit you, but you are exploiting me. You actually are. (Laughter) You follow? It is the same – very interesting, this question.

How do I – no – the unconditioning of the mind doesn’t become another form of conditioning. You have understood? I move away… there is a movement away from this trap, and not be caught in another trap. I am a Hindu, I say it’s absurd and become a Catholic; or I am a Catholic and say, what silly stuff and I join Hinduism or Buddhism, or become a Muslim. It is the same phenomena – you understand? So one has to enquire, what is freedom?

Does one realise one is caught in a trap? That is, the same repetitive movement, which the computer is doing, it is repeating much more rapidly, more quickly, more intelligently, more alive, quick, programmed; and we are also programmed to be a Catholic, to be a Protestant, to be a Hindu, to be a Buddhist – you follow? – to be a Democrat, to be right, left, right – we are also programmed, don’t let’s fool ourselves. Therefore we are repeating, repeating, repeating. Right? Come on sirs, what are you waiting… And the questioner asks: is it possible to be free from conditioning – the predator and the victim – and yet not fall into another form of conditioning? Am I being fair to the question? Of course. You agree?

Now – so I have to enquire… one has to enquire what is freedom? This movement from one corner to the other corner of the field – you understand? – the field is my consciousness, this whole world is my field, and I move from one corner of this field, psychological field, to another corner, and I call that freedom. Or I choose to move south instead of north, and I call that freedom. So I call choice freedom. I am a Democrat, I choose to become a Republican, but it is the same movement. We are silly enough not to see that. So is that freedom? You are following all this? Does choice bring about freedom? Or where there is choice there is no freedom. I may choose to move from Los Angeles to New York, and I can’t do that in the totalitarian state, I have to have permission, special grants and so on; so I feel I am a free man. So at what level, at what depth, or superficial level, do you consider freedom lies? Here in this country you can say what you like, so far. But you cannot say what you like when there is a war. Right? Then we are all united to hate somebody, to kill somebody.

So what is freedom? Enquire, sir. The question is involved in that. What is freedom? To move from trap to trap to trap? To move from one kind of misery to another kind of misery? I am married, I am bored with my wife, I want a divorce and I go, because I like or love, or whatever word one uses, to another woman; but the same pattern is repeated. And I call that freedom. So is there freedom in this moving in the same area – that area may be wide, or very, very narrow, but it is the same movement. That is not freedom. Right? So what then is freedom? Freedom obviously means to totally be free from the whole content of consciousness. You understand? The problem of one corner is different from another corner, but it’s in the same field, and we separate the problems, but it’s one problem. You understand? I wonder if you see? All problems are interrelated, that’s clear – my sexual problem, my problem of earning a livelihood, my problem of god, it’s all one movement of this everlasting search for something or other, of becoming. So, freedom is the ending of completely becoming something. Is it time to stop?

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