Jiddu Krishnamurti-Holiness

Can you speak more deeply about the meaning of holiness and especially its place in the modern world?

The word ‘holy’ is not the reality. Right? Is thought holy, h-o-l-y, sacred? Go on, sir, investigate it. Is thought, thinking, which has created the architecture, the cathedrals, the most marvellous lOth, 12th century, extraordinary beauty. If you have been to some of those ancient temples, the ancient cathedrals in Europe; the extraordinary sense of vitality of those pillars, the beauty of the high ceiling. Thought has done all that. And thought also has created all the content within that structure; that marvellous stone structure. Right? That’s obvious, isn’t it? Right? So what is sacred? That is, what is that which is holy, whole? If thought is sacred, then everything that it creates is holy: the cannon, the atom bomb; the killing of each other; the computer; the savior; your savior (not mine); the rituals, the beating of somebody. You follow? Then, if you once admit thought is sacred, everything it does is sacred. Right? And, thought has invented that which is not sacred and that which is sacred. It has divided the world as the world and that which is sacred, which is not the world: the saint and the sinner.

So please, this is a very serious question, it’s not just a casual question at the end of several other questions. It’s very, very serious, this, because thought is tearing man apart: the British, the French, the American, the Russian, the Argentine. You follow? So if you once admit or acquiesce or accept that thought, whatever it does, is sacred, then you have nothing to worry about. Then you will kill each other, you will carry on as you are. That may be what you want. That may be what humanity wants.

If you want to find out that which is most holy, you cannot measure it by words. To measure that which is measureless by words has no meaning. But to come upon that which is holy, sacred – is love thought? Then is love desire? Without love, that which is sacred cannot be.

So all these explanations are not that which is. That which is eternal cannot be put into words. But when time and thought have come to an end, that which is most sacred is. But if you say, how am I to end my thought, how is time to stop, then you are back to the good old… But to find out, to go into it, what is thought, whether it can end, thought cannot end as I am going from this place to that place, when I drive a car, or in the very usage of language, in communication. But, inwardly, can time stop? Can thought come to an end? Not through control, not through will, but the urge to find out that which is from the beginning, which has no end. To go into it, to find out, requires – this is real meditation; which is the whole movement of life.

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