Jiddu Krishnamurti-Can There Be Absolute Security in This Life?

Can there be absolute security for man, and naturally woman, in this life?

This is a very serious question, because we all want security, both physical and principally psychological. If you are psychologically secure, certain, then we might not be so concerned with physical security.

The search for psychological security – please follow this – the search for psychological security is preventing physical security. We’ll go into this. The questioner says: is there absolute security for us, for human beings? We will answer that at the end, but follow it step by step.

We must have security. Right? Like a child hanging on to mother, the child must feel secure, otherwise something goes wrong. They have found this. The mother and the father don’t pay enough attention to the baby, give it all affection, etc., etc., it affects the brain, the nerves of the baby of the child. So it must have security… Physical security.

And, why do we demand psychological security? Do you understand the difference between the two? There is the psyche demanding security and the physical demanding security. Right? This is obvious. Now is there psychological security at all? We want it, we want security in our relationship. Right? My wife, my children, a sense of family unit. That unit is now breaking up. In that there is a certain security, psychological. Right? So one is attached to the wife, or to the girl, right? So in that attachment there is security. At least we think there is security. And when there is no security in that person we soon break away from it and find in another. Right? This is happening. And we try to find security in a group, in the tribe, that glorified tribe is the nation. Right? No? I am glad. And the nation against another nation, you follow? So seeking security psychologically in a person, in a country, in a belief, in your own experience, all these are forms of wanting, demanding security, as one demands physical security. Right?

Please we are sharing this together, you are not just listening to me. We are together examining if there is security for us human beings. And demanding the psychological security we have divided ourselves. Right? The Hindu, the Muslim, the Jew, the Arab, the Christian, non-Christian, the believer in Jesus, the believer in something else. In all this there is the demand for security. And, this security has been found in illusions. Right? Do you accept that? Right? Being secure in Catholicism, hold yourself tight. In Buddhism, in Hinduism, in Judaism, Islam and so on, you follow? That has created an illusory security, because they are fighting each other. I wonder if you see this? Do you? The moment you see it, you don’t belong to anything!

So wait a minute. So the demand is for security. It may be an illusion in superstition, in a ritual, in a dogma, in a nation, in an economic system, in Totalitarianism; in, what’s the word… in being safe, secure, economically, like in America, completely safe, at least they think they are. So, the desire for security not only creates illusion… Because it is an illusion, isn’t it? To belong to a tribe, or belonging to some church, so one finds security in illusions, in actualities, in a furniture, in a house, in a person. None of these, as you observe, give man security, because you have had two terrible wars. You haven’t had, you follow? You want security, but you create wars, which destroys your own security.

So when you see the truth that the mind or thought has sought out security in illusions, right? The very perception that you are seeking security, illusion, that very perception of that brings you intelligence. Right, are you following this? Are you following this? Please don’t, unless I make it perfectly clear, don’t agree with me.

I sought security in my belief as being a Hindu with all the nonsensical superstitions and gods and rituals and all the nonsense that goes on. I sought security in that, I haven’t, but suppose one does. That opposes another group of people who have different ideas, hmm? Different gods, different rituals, Catholic and all the rest of it. So these are the two opposing elements, tolerated but they are antagonistic essentially. So there is conflict between the two, in which I have sought security in one or the other, right? And I realize, by Jove, they are both illusions, in which I have tried to find security, right? And to see that they are illusions is intelligence. It’s like seeing danger. A man who is blind to danger is an idiot; is something neurotic, something wrong. But we don’t see the danger of this, right? And the man who sees the danger… Intelligence is in operation. In that intelligence there is absolute security. You get it? Do you understand this?

That is, the mind, thought has created various forms of illusions: Nationality, class, me and you; different gods, different beliefs, different dogmas, different rituals, the extraordinary religious superstitions that pervade the world. In all that one has sought security. And, one doesn’t see the danger of this security, of this illusion. When one sees the danger, not as an idea, but actual fact! That intelligence is the supreme form of absolute security. Right? Are we together? Are you intelligent? [Laughter] Otherwise we miss it. You may say, “I don’t believe in any religions, I have no beliefs, I have no this, I have no that” – but the ‘me’ is in operation, which has created all this, and you are opposing all that by another word, another belief, another idea.

So there is absolute security, which means to see the truth in the false, got it? I wonder if you see this?

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