Jiddu Krishnamurti-Are There Different Paths to Truth?

Are there different paths to truth? The speaker has said, 60 years ago, truth is a pathless land. The ancient Hindus have laid down paths according to the tendency of human beings. They have said, that truth can be obtained through knowledge. That truth can be obtained through work. That truth can be obtained through devotion, romance, imagination. See? Gratifying each human being according to his need, state, according to his idiosyncrasies and that’s been well established. And there have been volumes written on each path, which is of clever birds of that time laid down these paths for the convenience of human beings, for the comfort of human beings. I am devotional, romantic, idealistic and there is a path for me. You follow? So this idea, that, there are different paths to truth is utter nonsense. Follow the idea, the path leading to a point. I wonder if you understand this? That truth is fixed and this path will give you that. Or that path devotion, action, knowledge. I think they are four. I forgot. It doesn’t matter. It is not important. So, the Christian path, the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Tibetan, the Muslim. You follow? Then you are safe. You don’t have to give up your path. It’s a game they play.

So truth is not something that’s fixed. And therefore there is no path to it. Which means the mind must be free from all movement. You understand? ‘Path’ means gradual arrival. And you can take your time. If you can’t do it this life, perhaps next life. If you want to do it quicker, go to somebody who will help you. But it’s still the movement of working, striving, moving towards an idea. And, when you see the falseness of it, it’s really utterly false, that there’s your way and my way. You see because, your mind is the mind of humanity. It is not your mind, therefore it’s not your path. It’s the human path,human life. The way we live. The way we meet life. Not according to your temperament, and my temperament. Or my idiosyncrasy, or your idiosyncrasy. Which is what we’re doing now. It’s the human mind, common to all of us. And when one realizes that, not verbally, actually inwardly. The feel of it, the beauty of it, the depth of it, the extraordinary weight of such a thing. Then, one realizes there’s no path, there’s no striving for that. There’s only this, the transformation of what is. The transformation of hate, jealousy, fear, sorrow, all the travail of our daily human existence. And, if there is no love and compassion nothing exists. You understand? The love that we have is, is not love; it’s based on pleasure, maternal instinct. You understand what I’m saying? Which you have derived from the animals. The love of ones wife, or ones husband, or ones children. It’s still me and you, and with that love and compassion goes intelligence. Without this, do what you will you will never have that thing.

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