Is it Really 2017 Because It Still Feels Like the 1800s

It seems the more and more I search for the answers to what’s going on in the world, the deeper and deeper I go, the more and more I find that my heroes are (and were) nothing more than puppets to a system that does not have all of humanity in mind. All shills in a game to get victims to prey on victims to prey on victims. It’s a clever plan but I have faith knowing that humanity will soon come together.

Until then, it’s 2017 and yet we realize that nothing has really changed in terms of human spiritual evolution. Today I see a lot of news and information that’s making every attempt to seperate all of us by the color of our skins, geographical locations, by our religions, our political ideas – they stand to divide and conquer all of us and only a handful of us are seeing it.

At the very core of our hearts all of us want the same things in life but greed overtakes us and we start to get into that mode of thinking that says we deserve it more than them. Good! That’s just what they want. And so our fear continues to grow, our faith in the good eventually leaves us, and we all take matters into our own hands about things that are far more complicated then we could ever imagine. We fool ourselves into thinking that what we’re doing is what’s right for ourselves and our families and yet we feel a cancer growing within us.

They want martial law and they beg us to give them violence. They make us bow down in fear and then provide us with tit for tat solutions that always entail giving away our freedoms in exchange for illusions of safety. It’s the sins in the hearts of everyone that justifies the collective fear and our fears, our sins are corroborated by every new law and action that takes place and gets written into the system.

There are a lot of things unsure in terms of what’s really going on the world but the one thing that is sure is retribution from the great creator of the all. I believe that the time is near and the benevolent force is coming to make things right for the downtrodden but before it does I think that we need to start awakening and expressing our desire for freedom. Namaste.

Post Author: Chad

A Nobody Just Trying to Figure Things Out.