If You Don’t See God in All You Won’t See God At All

Being stuck in the sameness of things has become synonymous with being practical and having grit. For example, there are a lot of people who are stuck in dead-end relationships, dead-end jobs who truly believe that they are being strong by sticking it out. Our culture has made “sticking it out” to be a strength when it’s anything but the application of fear-based cultural programming. For example, in-laws. It seems in-laws have a free pass when it comes to treating their new son or daughter-in-law like crap (or vice-versa). It’s like joining a gang or fraternity with some of these families with their endless hazing games.

The point I’m making is this. We are not static, we are dynamic spirits meant to experience life through many eyes while we are here. New eyes doesn’t mean just getting out of an old relationship and into a new one although it may be a start if limiting beliefs are being imposed upon you. It’s also important to not be a victim and to own how people are treating you because after all you’re the one ultimately allowing the treatment to happen. That is, see things for what they truly are and see yourself for what you truly are and to do that sometimes requires completely unplugging. Who are you? Why are you here? Where did you come from? Where are you going? These are the questions that all sentient beings will eventually be faced with and maybe that’s the God within. The God that’s within us all. A faint voice for many pleading for a place to stand and be recognized, to be heard and acknowledged.

Post Author: Chad

A Nobody Just Trying to Figure Things Out.