If We Are All One Then Why is it So Corrupt To Conform?

Conformity implies going along with the climates of our environments. Shifting our attitudes and behaviors in accordance with what’s socially acceptable from one moment to the next. It is to accept and comply, to relinquish to the laws, rules, and standards that are given to us. Which is to be completely obedient, perhaps steadfast and unquestioningly loyal to the social circles, groups, clubs, cliques and organizations to which we identify. And, I have brought up the question about choices and pondered on the immaturity behind the act of making a choice, or to choose. Is it immature to choose to be disobedient and to not conform? Is it disobedient to be free of acting along with others, to acknowledge that the connection to any group outside the self is merely a short-lived thing that only exists when there is conformity?

The word mature implies to be full, complete, and whole. And if one is complete in the self then there is no need for the connections to the group. There’s no need for acceptance from others beyond the self. And is this not what is meant by the words “we are all one?” Psychologically we are one in the mind because of the learning, the conditioning, the constant bending and forming to the molds which we been taught is the “good” through such things as reward and punishment. We are also one in that we are consumers, for example, despite the fact that we may be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or Jew, etc. But if we dig deeper we are also one in the sense that there’s a certain type of love that resonates with us all. Behind all the abuse, negative experiences, the pains, and torments that one has gone through, there is a type of love that at the very core of every being is drawn towards. So we are one in this sense.

But to be one in terms of conformity is to be a link in the chain that’s far removed from the core of this kind of love and it operates through dominance, punishment and rewards, pain and pleasure, up and down, and it is drenched in duality, and it uses and manipulates as if to draw energy from the conformists to fuel and perpetuate the machine of conflict; of movement and progress towards the cyclical existence of constant suffering. The suffering exists obviously because happiness in this sense are the receiving of rewards which are administered by a system of structures created and upheld by other confused and tormented souls, the authorities of this system. Within this system everything is a means of exploitation. This is why most people want to get in with the people of means. Be on the good graces of those who have, to form the networks. We see this in business, in our families, in the churches, in the prisons, at the workplace, and in the schools.

We all want to be the Kingpins and there is no denying this because our desires manifest themselves through action and we succumb and worship that, those things that we want for ourselves. We worship the things that we want in our lives, we imitate the things and the people we want to be. We operate in halfhearted attempts to satisfy the desires of the superficial self and therefore exist in that paradigm of the superficial. This is why the search and constant striving for things will never satiate the yearnings of the soul. It’s like trying to understand someone by asking everyone else, everyone else but that person and then feeling frustrated indulging in the notion that one has tried everything to appease the other to no avail.

So without understanding, and without being able to identify the self that is connected to this mysterious kind of love that is at the core of all human beings; the core of you, then that is the conformity that is corrupt. Corruption implies to break apart, to destroy and if the aim is to heal and to mend with the core that is the love, the self that is buried beneath everything that has been learned, conditioned, and programmed then perhaps conformity is something humanity, that you can do without.

Post Author: Chad

A citizen of the universe. A student of life and death.