How To Replace A Machine Head On A Takamine G Series Acoustic Guitar

I’ve recently had to replace a machine head on my acoustic guitar and it was the first time I’d ever done it. Reading about things like gear ratios and not finding much information on the Takamine G Series made the process a little daunting. So, I’ve created this article for those of you that have a Takamine G Series. The specific model that I have is “GD 10 NS.”

Without knowing the gear ratio on the original machine heads that came with my guitar I’ve used the “Gotoh SG381” which has a gear ratio of 16:1 and it’s worked great.

Tools you’ll need: Guitar Peg Winder (optional: Makes it easy to replace new strings), replacement guitar string or strings, a small philips-head screwdriver, an adjustible wrench, and something that can cut a guitar string (I’ve used scissors, fingernail clippers, needle nose pliers) .

Step 1: Cut the guitar string on the machine head being replaced to release the tension.

Step 2: With a philips head screwdriver unscrew the screw on the back of the machine head.

Step 3: Use the adjustible pliers to loosen the machine head and then remove it.

Step 4: Screw on the new machine head with the philips head screwdriver and then tighten the nut with the pliers. I’d imagine you could probably do it the other way around, it probably doesn’t matter. Then replace the string or strings and then you’re all set.

Post Author: Chad

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