How to Create Transparent Images Using Gimp

This tutorial was inspired by a recent experience I had when I was creating a transparent “Back To Top” button in Gimp but forgot how. So of course I Googled and what I found were a lot of tutorials that seemed a little more complicated than I’d like. So here’s about the easiest way I know of how to accomplish this task.

Step 1: Create a Transparent Background Layer.
Click File->New. A dialogue box will appear. Enter whatever width and height values you’d like in those fields. Then click the plus button to access advanced options. Choose transparency in the “Fill With” drop down menu.
Step 2: Create a Shape
In the “Toolbox” choose either the Rectangle select tool or the Ellipse select tool and create a box or ellipse. I chose a rectangle for this tutorial.
Step 3: Fill in The Shape With Color and Set Opacity Level.
Choose a color using the Bucket Fill Tool (located in the Toolbox) and Fill the box with color. Now simply move the opacity slider located on the right in the “layers and Brushes” tool bar to the level of transparency you’d like. And That’s it!

If you have any other tips or suggestions or anything else you’d like to say please do it by commenting below. Thank you so much for reading and I hope that this tutorial helped you accomplish something new and I also hope that it encourages you to use things like Gimp a little more. Thanks and take care!

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