How to Create a WordPress Childtheme 2017

Creating a child theme is advantageous in that it gives you the freedom to manipulate and customize theme files without having to manipulate the actual files because you make copies of them instead and put them in a child directory and here’s how you do it. Also, when you update your theme you won’t have to worry about having to remember, trace, and redo all the changes that you’ve made to any theme files, because a simple theme update will wipe them all out.

1. Create a child theme folder.

For example, if your theme is Twenty Fourteen the actual folder will be named “twentyfourteen” (take note how it’s all lower case) so to make a child theme folder you’ll just add a hypen and the word ‘child’ like this: “twentyfourteen-child” (Tip: don’t add the double-quotes).

2. Open notepad and copy the following and replace with your own information:

I’m going to use the Twenty Fourteen theme as an example:

3. Now, save the file and name it “style.css”

(Tip: make sure it’s not “style.css.txt” and if is delete the “.txt”).

4. Open notepad again and copy and paste the following code:

5. Now, name this file “functions.php”

(Tip: make sure there isn’t an extra extension in your file name i.e “functions.php.txt” if so delete it).

6. Put both style.css and functions.php into your child theme folder

(i.e. the one you created and named “twentyfourteen-child”) .

7. Upload and activate your childtheme folder

In your wordpress dashboard go to Appearance –> Themes and click the “Add New” button. Zip up your childtheme folder, then upload your folder as a new theme, then activate it.

8. That’s all there’s to it.

If you’d like to go with a plugin instead then here’s one with lots of great reviews: Child Theme Configurator

If you have any other tips or suggestions please make them by commenting below.

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