Facebook Not Allowing People to Delete Their Accounts

So I just tried deleting my Facebook account and it wouldn’t let me. I kept getting the message saying that my password and recaptcha combination wasn’t right. Of course I’ve tried several times and double checked everything and it’s not working. It seems other people have experienced the same thing. So I can only conclude that Facebook has intentionally made it so that people can’t delete their accounts.

Hopefully enough people will get the word out… Let’s see how Facebook responds. Meanwhile, here are instructions on how to deactivate your account.

Step 1

Facebook has moved some things around and so the deactivation button is located in “settings” -> “General”. Click “edit” under “Manage Account” (follow the green arrow).

Step 2

Click “deactivate your account.”

Step 3

Just follow the instructions that follow and in the box asking for a reason I chose “other” and I put “blah” as the explanation.

Post Author: Chad

A Nobody Just Trying to Figure Things Out.