Examining the “How” to Understand The Nature of Fear To End Violence

Many of us have been conditioned since birth to live a life that is based on fear. Every piece of program (or app) that is in our minds is in place to prevent us all from being the light unto ourselves. Take for example the programs of pain and pleasure which as we already know are one and the same. To elaborate, there is a song by Gotye that has the words “you can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness” and obviously this sadness has become pleasurable. In the same way pleasure can also be painful much like the song by John D Mellencamp “Hurts So Good.” So we are trapped in these programs of thinking, the programs that are the maps that precede the territory. We are told where to look, how to look, and what to see and because of this we are lead to conform and we see as everybody else does. As soon as we conform then, as Jiddu Krishnamurti has stated, corruption begins. There is suffering all over the world because of this. Because we are constantly thinking about ourselves but it’s not the self we are thinking about, instead it is the programmed self, the conformed self.

Many of us want to be able to push a button and make it all stop. Meanwhile, we show very little interest in understanding the ways in which we have contributed to it all. Once we understand this most fundamental irony, then we can begin to operate as sane people. And ‘Sanity’ by definition means to behave and think rationally. As parents we send our kids to school to learn things through regurgitation and repetition from apathetic teachers, so that they can get jobs and have a good life. But what good life? And we can see that people aren’t happy with their lives because we can use certain markers that show us, for example, the opioid epidemic that has already claimed many of the lives of those whom we supposedly care for and of course they die and we put on our little show of tears to show others how much we have loved them, how much we have cared which even in the most genuine of cases is merely the result of attachment that is manifesting and not love. And all of this is necessary to feed the mechanisms of war so obviously if we love our children we would want to stop war but this does not seem to be the case.

So if one truly loves oneself, not in that narcissistic sense but in the way a gentle, nurturing parent would love you. To be free to truly heal from all abuse that one has put up with but without ever being able to put a finger on it. To be free from all the mechanisms of life that are there to dominate and control, that wants one to be confused about the truth of what one is. And we are extraordinary beings who identify with truth as that which nourishes the soul. And what is the soul? What is the spirit? The breathe of life. It resonates with the very atom of our being, not just this superficial “spirit” that religious people are always referring to who are remarkably limited in their ability to connect with the soul because they have lived their life with someone else’s definition of what that is. So one is told what something is very vaguely, what something feels like, and then because one wants to experience this feeling they say “I have felt the spirit. I have had the experience that others have spoken about and this is how I know.” But what they’re feeling is nothing of the spirit. It’s merely the manifestation of the desires of the mind (delusion). If one thinks about this and is capable of being honest with oneself you will see the truth of this.

So all of our lives we’ve been living with others telling us what life is. Perhaps this verse from the Gospel of Thomas will help “If those who lead you say to you: ‘look the kingdom is in the sky!’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you: ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fishes will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you.” What I get from that is simply to not let others lead you. Because if you do you will see as they see, you will do as they do, and in the process your light will never shine. This is the ridiculousness that’s behind everything that’s popular. On the television, American Idol, and the rest of it. Who have made these things, why are they popular? Who are the popular kids in your school and how and why have they become that? Meanwhile, your light is yet to be ignited because you are following after the lights of others.

We have our specialists, our doctors, our gurus, teachers, our lawyers, our car mechanics, our dentists, so on and so forth. These are the people we go to who tell us how and why something is done a certain way and because they are the specialists we rarely question them. We don’t question our authorities. We don’t question them because we are afraid that if we don’t go to them (and do as they say), as with the car mechanic our car will fail. So we give over our power of our bodies, of our cars, the state of our lives away to everyone. We are, many of us, lightless beings. We are giving away our light to which in my experience are a great handful of apathetic, dull minded people and they are everywhere and they are the ones we are calling authorities.

So this is the issue with the how. When we ask the question “How do I do this? How do I do that?” We are giving away our chance to learn something new, something that will empower us to live our truth. We are saying “Teach me because I’m incapable of learning on my own, let me worship you.” The weak that desperately clings to the strong. The weak being in darkness and the strong being in light. Do you see how you give to the light of others when you operate in this manner? One must live life on one’s own terms, once one figures out who one truly is, then one can live life according to the truth of one’s being. To live a life free from the mechanistic society that does not have one’s best interest at heart and never did. Here will be the ending of violence. Because where there is duality such as the weak relying on the strong, the yin and the yang, there will be conflict. When we are focused on our own light we won’t have to give ourselves over, our light over to others, and thus we operate from within. So do you see the triangle? There’s the how, the fear, and the result is violence. Because violence and fear is much like pain and pleasure.

Post Author: Chad

A student of life and death.