Energy Equals Mass Times The Speed of Light Squared?

Is energy and matter really interchangeable? If so, what does this mean for reality, for existence, for you? Matter is defined as anything that has mass and that which takes up space. So, from the smallest particle (excluding the photon because it has energy but no mass-go figure) to the statue of liberty we have matter. We think of matter as something more substantial when compared to a thing like energy. What is energy? I can’t see it, hear it, or even touch it. In science energy is that which enables the machine to move so that the rest of us don’t have to sit in the dark. Energy is also what helps us to get up in the morning and go about our daily affairs. And, energy is also the battery, it’s everyone and the rest of us in the world that fuels and propels not only our world but it’s also the hidden battery that moves the entire universe (or universes). To be clear energy and power are not the same thing.

The cycles of the seasons churn like the hands of an old clock. The hands on a watch, the wheels, the spokes on the bicycle all going round and round, and if one listens carefully and gets out of that inner reality one can hear the pitter patter of the rain drops that’s falling from the sky, then a sudden shift in awareness takes over and a rainbow is there on the horizon as the sun slowly descends from behind. The moon soon to rise. The subjective experience is that we are ever progressing, sternly marching forward in an ever expanding, intricate network that we know as life and yet life is defined not so much by circumstance but more by perception herself.

A ship is lost at sea with nothing but the night sky to guide it and perhaps the desire for a lighthouse. What fuels the ship is the wind, perhaps the people on board, and what fuels the people on board is food, laughter, camaraderie, and what drives them maybe are hopes, a captain, and maybe dreams of starting and finding a new life somewhere. Without the people on board what would be of this vessel lost at sea, a big chunk of wood? We have our families and many parents say things like “You are the reason why I live” to their children and maybe to their partner and yet I suspect that this is far from what the lost people on board the boat feel towards each other and to the ship that carries and shelters them.

They say actions speak louder than words and I wonder what makes kinetic energy “speak louder” than potential energy. Is one really better than the other and is it a matter of being better? Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. Is there any truth in this formula? Is energy and matter really interchangeable; is one thing also the other, and if so what does that mean for the world in which we live?

I’m sure many people feel as if the world is changing and much like the two kinds of intelligence (or types of learning) that the poet Rumi touches upon in his poems likewise maybe there are two types of change. When I look at the world with my eyes I see matter shifting, the colors are different and the variations are not the same as they were yesterday. I listen with my ears and the words and the letters seem to all sound so different, composed and rearranged in a new way, a pattern I have not seen before, the melodies are somewhat familiar but not exactly as I remembered. When I look at the energy which are nothing more than feelings that I get as a result of observing the matter I get a hopeless sense that nothing will ever change and yet so much is changing before me. I try to stay objective but it’s the trying that’s playing tricks on me. Actions speak louder than words? Actions are words and words are actions. Energy is matter and matter is energy? Is this another fairytale or is this equation a fact?

Post Author: Chad

Just another nobody attempting to understand himself and the world and sharing the process with others as he goes along.