Easy Soy Yogurt Recipe

It seems that fermented foods are the thing these days and rightly so. Fermented foods are rich in healthy bacteria (probiotics), they keep well, and they’re also great for those with compromised immune systems. So here’s one simple recipe to get you started.
    Things You’ll Need:

  • Soymilk (I use the “Organic Unsweetened Plain” Westsoy brand)
  • A yogurt maker (I use the Euro Cuisine YM80)
  • A Food Thermometer (infrared laser ones are the most convenient and you can find one for less than 20 dollars)
  • Small glass jars with lids
  • A yogurt starter (powdered raw probiotics)
  • A sauce pan or something to heat the soymilk

  • Pour any amount of soymilk into a saucepan and heat to 195°F / 91°C or until the milk starts to bubble up and boil.
  • Remove the milk and pour into glass jars with lids and allow to cool to 110°F / 43°C.
  • Once the milk climbs down to 110°F / 43°C add the starter culture and mix well into the milk.
  • Place the jars with lid into yogurt maker, turn yogurt maker on and let sit for 9 to 15 hours and then enjoy or refrigerate.
Hope that was easy enough and that you got some decent yogurt out of it. Remember to put aside some of the yogurt to use as the starter for your next batch and all the batches after. Thanks for stopping by.

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