An Examination of the Ego, Chakras, Life & Why Truth Hurts

“Colors blind the eye Sounds deafen the ear. Flavors numb the taste. Thoughts weaken the mind. Desires wither the heart.” Lao Tzu

I have been giving some thought to the idea of the eastern Chakra system or the western endocrine system. Glands and the excretion of certain hormones that in many ways may create or at the very least act upon our experiences of what many of us might refer to as reality. For example, the connection of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system to the pain and pleasure principle and/or our fight or flight responses. Through techniques like neurolinguistic programming, hypnotism, or other forms of manipulation perhaps through the media people are being controlled. Let’s delve a little deeper.

Part of the Mk Ultra program was to use things like stress, fear, terror, and of course torture to open channels into the subconscious mind to control an individual at will (i.e. trigger words). Through these kinds of techniques victims can literally become “puppets” to the systems of enslavement or even be liberated of the constructs of the control matrix. If anyone has seen the movie “Shallow Hal” we see Tony Robbins using a form of Hypnotism (or NLP) in a good way (a way that serves to liberate) that allows Jack Black to see into the heart of things. Suddenly, mere physical appearances aren’t enough to appeal to Hal anymore. He falls in love with the true beauty that lies within every individual.

Thoughts on the Ego
The more pain you feel from the actions of others towards you is ego. One might feel a sense that someone has taken over your energies and has made one to feel less of themselves, or controlled. This reliquishing of control to give others the power over ourselves; to make us feel a certain way without our permission leads us to feel violated and the result is anger, frustration and pain. Energies that the enslaving beings feed off. Don’t feed them. Merely observe yourself and make attempts to not be reactionary. Or in other words be Zen!

So many of you might experience a lot of stressful situations in your everyday. Life is designed in such a way that we become overwhelmed and inundated by stress, worry, and/or fear (the fear of losing, the fear of this or that) which in effect opens up the subconscious mind or perhaps “chakra systems” to allow energies (random projected intentions [positive or negative] within the energy field) that want to enter. This is why I think it’s very important to quiet the mind and to consider what Lao Tzu is saying when he says “Colors blind the eye Sounds deafen the ear. Flavors numb the taste. Thoughts weaken the mind. Desires wither the heart.”

Please note: I’m still fuzzy on the idea of what spiritual energies are allowed to inhabit our energy systems. That is, I was under the notion that a universal law existed that only allows spiritual energies to enter the consciousness of those that intentionally allow it. That is, permission has to be granted. Other sources, however, state that there are still traces of negative energies that can enter through bridges provided by way of negative (or low vibration) thought patterns. Please check back to this post, as I delve deeper into this subject I will be making updates.

Furthermore, let us consider the implications of living a life that serves to control us by way of the senses. In the case of Hal we know that he used to be driven by the outward appearances of others. This is how many advertisers plant the seeds of desire through sense “pleasures” and eye-candy, and fear. Furthermore, it can serve to blind us from the truth because as they say “truth hurts.” Truth hurts because lies have been engraved into our nervous system and lies then become pleasurable and truths become painful. Thus the clever trickery of indoctrination through the institutions of thought.

How To Shield From Unwanted Energies

  • Calm the mind.
  • Be Zen in your interactions with others.
  • Meditate
  • Call upon your higher self and invite guidance in simplifying your life.
  • Connect with spirit; your higher self.
  • Cleanse your chakra system by grounding yourself. You can do this by walking bare foot on the earth. Also I’ve heard that putting onions in your socks while sleep may also work too (I need to look into this a little more).
  • Finally, create and live any life you want so long as you don’t create harm for yourself and others.

With this I send the vibrations of world peace, love, healing, forgiveness, compassion, truth, and infinite understanding to the divine oneness that is in all. Namaste.

Post Author: Chad

A Nobody Just Trying to Figure Things Out.