An Examination of the Objectives of the Illuminati

Today all over the internet and all over the media The Illuminati has become a household name. It’s been linked with child sacrifices, blood rituals, and acts of sexual depravity of all kinds. There was a time when old women (and women in general) who dabbed in the homeopathic arts and the like, who were quickly dismissed as witches and were burned because of rumors that they were witches and that they worshiped Lucifer. We see many such examples throughout history where superstitious ideas were used, combined with religious propaganda to demonize and misdirect the sheeple into opposing the very things that had their best interests at heart.

Today, it’s the Illuminati and they are being demonized but why and how can we trust any of the information that’s available to us about the Illuminati and their history? Moreover, according to a video of a 50 year old recording posted by End Times Productions the objectives of The Illuminati are as follows which should raise some serious questions about why these reputed control freaks would want to get rid of their control structures?

  1. Abolition of all ordered governments.
  2. Abolition of inheritance.
  3. Abolition of private property.
  4. Abolition of patriotism.
  5. Abolition of the family.
  6. Abolition of religion.
  7. Creation of a world government.

Honestly, why would the Illuminati want to get rid of the family, religion, patriotism, private property, and all ordered governments? I mean aren’t these the very things that they’ve been using to manipulate us? For example, in the movie “They Live” it clearly delineates that “they” want us to marry and procreate. If they want us to marry and procreate then why would they want to abolish the family? And then religion? Religion has been one of the biggest vehicles for brain-washing and manipulating of the masses of all time. I mean all anyone needs to do is some open-minded research on the church and religion and you’ll find that this is the last thing that the Illuminati would want to get rid of. Patriotism? Today with Trump as President, patriotism has been one of the many tools in their arsenal being used to incite rage and fear, to encourage racism, to keep us fighting and divided and so why would they want to abolish this?

Please watch the following videos as they do provide some additional insight and some good information about the Illuminati but they also reek of propaganda. While they are packaged as truth it’s only a side of the truth to further an agenda that seeks to impregnate us with the very things that furthers the deception of what’s really going on. Enjoy.

Post Author: Chad

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