A Meditation For Liberation

I’ve been meditating on the release of all living creatures that are kept against their will anywhere in this world. Specifically adults, children, and animals who are being trafficked, slaughtered, and tortured. Also, for those that are in oppressive circumstances and situations that they can’t see a way out of. And for all those that are still trapped unable to see their true worth and value, the truths about the world and the psychological prisons; their potential to change anything they want, to create whatever they want, and to do and be anything they want. Please join me in this meditation to liberate the world.

The Intention

I focus my intention of sending the vibrations of liberty for all of humanity and for all life forms. I send thoughts, feelings, emotions, prayers, and meditations to free all the imprisoned people, animals, and all living life forms and entities of this Earth and Universe that have been oppressed by the selfish, self-serving, greedy biased theocratic authoritarian minded energy parasites. I release all systems of thought that subjugate, misdirect, confuse, imprison and shackle. I release all thought processes, actions, habits and attachments that participate in the illusions of authority and domination. From this point on, may this intention permeate all dimensional realities, where all will be released from the grips and shackles of tyranny. May all have eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts that are enlightened, minds that are enabled, and be forever empowered in their spirits. Namaste.

Post Author: Chad

A Nobody Just Trying to Figure Things Out.