A Hack To Setup A Professional Email Without A Google Apps Account

There’s a lot of stuff online about setting up Gmail with your own domain with a google apps account that isn’t free and what I’m covering here is something completely different. We’re going to be setting up an alias. So if you’re okay with sending your email and having your recipients read your emails to see that it came from: “John Smith <john@johnsmith.com>” then please read on.
1. Log-in to your Gmail account.
2. Click the gear icon (located near the upper right corner) and select “Settings.”
3. In the settings area click “Account and Import.” Then, on the line that reads “Send mail as:” click “Add another email address you own.”
add another email
4. Type the email address that you’ve created through your hosting account (i.e. info@yourdomain.com). Leave “treat as an alias” checked.
5. Next, on the “Add another email address you own” screen fill in the fields for smtp server, username, and password.
Here are some tips: “smtp.yourdomain.com” or if you’re hosting with Dreamhost it would be “mail.yourdomain.com,” username (i.e. “info”), and your password to access that web mail account. Leave all the default settings as they are (i.e. Port: 587 and “Secured connection using TLS (recommended)”).

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6. Assuming that you’ve successfully verified your account you’ll be prompted to enter a confirmation code that was sent to your email address (i.e. info@yourdomain.com). Enter the code and click verify.
7. Last thing, you’ll want to look on that “Send mail as:” line and you should see that your email has been added (i.e. info@yourdomain.com) under your gmail address (i.e. JohnSmith@gmail.com). To select and choose info@yourdomain.com to be the information that shows up on the from line on your outgoing emails just select “Make Default” next to that email address.
8. That’s all pat yourself on the back!

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