3 YouTube Videos With Fun Activity Ideas For Toddlers

“When Kids Hit One Year Old, It’s Like Hanging Out With A Miniature Drunk. You Have To Hold Onto Them. They Bump Into Things. They Laugh And Cry. They Urinate.” Johnny Depp

Toddlers are amazing little people who soak up the world like no tomorrow. They love to explore, they love to learn, and they’re just about the cutest. However, despite how cute they are if they aren’t per-occupied with something that engages them – you might find them and yourself in some messy situations. So, you can never have enough activity ideas and so here are 3 videos from YouTube that I’ve found that provide just that.

1. Video With Indoor Activity Ideas

2. DIY Toddler Activities

3. Awesome Science Tricks Using Static Electricity

Got another activity idea? Please share them and any other thoughts by commenting below.

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