3 Tips To Lessening the Harmful Effects of Cellphones

After watching a documentary titled “Lo and Behold” I started researching the impact of man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on health. I’ve found that things like headaches, muscle aches, insomnia, DNA damage and fatigue may be the result of using and having and being around things like cell-phones and other technologies that emit EMFs. Although most of the information that I’ve found about these possible harms were speculative I did, however, find something about the International Agency on Research on Cancer (IARC) and about how they’ve come forward to conclude that using your cellphone is just as harmful as DDT and Lead as cellphone use has been classified in the 2B category. (see source & read more).

So while researchers are working hard to gain more conclusive evidence about all the adverse affects of cellphone use here are 3 tips for those of you that prefer not to wait.

1. Do Not let children use cellphones or any other wireless device. The reason for this is because their skull bones are still developing and are thinner than those of adults thus making them more vulnerable to the harms of EMF radiation.
2. Turn off cell-phones and other wireless devices when they are not in use because they still emit radiation intermittently.
3. Always try and keep your cellphone and other wireless devices away from your body and use combination headsets that are shielded and air-tube when using your cellphone.

If you have any other tips please share by commenting below or by way of social media. Or you can always email us and we’ll update this post with your suggestion(s). Thank you!

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