3 Mysterious Beings From Other Worlds

The Green Children of Woolpit
In Suffolk England, in a small village known as Woolpit, during the reign of King Stephen, 2 children (siblings) with green skin and clothes made of unknown material came prancing about. They were harmless and they acted like any children their age but they spoke an unknown language. The boy eventually became sick and died and the girl learned English and told about where they came from. She said that they came from a subterranean world called Saint Martin’s Land. A land of green people.

Read More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_children_of_Woolpit

The Black Eyed Children
These children aren’t as friendly as the Green Children. They have black eyes and pale skin and they hitchhike or they knock on doors and ask people for help and to be let in. Don’t let them in. If you do, you might end up on a slow path to death.

Read More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black-eyed_children

The Strange Man From Taured
A strange man appeared in Tokyo airport in July of 1954. His passport was legit but it stated that he comes from a country called Taured. Of course, no one knew of such a place and officials eventually held him in a hotel for more questioning with two guards to guard his door. The man then disappeared never to be seen again.

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