3 Movies on Netflix About Homelessness

For as long as I can remember there’s been this longing in me that makes me want to go and be among the many of the homeless people in the world. I’ve always felt homeless and alone practically all my life. Now and then I think “why not and make it official.” To some that might sound like a tragedy and to others it might give hope. I always think about Siddhārtha Gautama’s journey, Jesus and his journey in the desert, the journey that today so many people embark on of self-discovery, adventure, and to find peace within a world that seems to grow and grow increasingly more mad, more disconnected and more twisted each day. Sometimes, however, twisted and mad in a good way. Like this first movie I’m going to recommend.

1. Cardboard Boxer

This movie stars Thomas Haden Church and many of you might remember him from the movie “Sideways” and he’s a complete different character here. As I was watching this movie I was thinking about things like manifesting destinies, affirmations, and synchronicity. It was for me a real tear jerker.

2. A Street Cat Named Bob

This movie was decidedly “cute.” I felt a connection to all the characters and the music was great. I’m thinking about getting the soundtrack. If you like movies like “Once” then you should most certaintly give this one a go!

3. Shelter

This movie stars Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Mackie and I started it but didn’t end up finishing it. I was hoping that I would share it with the hopes of getting some feedback on it.

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