3 Lifehacks to Get Cash Fast

Sometimes we need cash fast and here 3 ways that I’ve done it without hurting myself down the line. That is, avoid those tempting payday advance places and stop yourself from getting cash with your credit card. Why? Because the interest rates are high and you end up in a vicious cycle of borrowing more to pay off what you previously borrowed. Down the road you find yourself needing more and more money. So do these 3 things first.

1. Sell something through a classifieds site online. Sometimes within minutes after posting I’d get a phone-call or an email with a interested buyer. I prefer to find a state or city specific classifieds site and if there isn’t one I use craigslist.org. Remember to be safe when making transactions with people you don’t know. Always see if there’s a friend or someone willing to go with you and make arrangements to meet somewhere other than your home.
2. Have a garage sale. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need a garage to hold a garage sale. Think outside the box, keep it legal, and be creative.
3. Pawn Something. Most pawn shops allow you to pawn something for cash right away. Sure you might be pawning a 500 dollar digital camera only to be offered 50 bucks (be brave and haggle) but you can usually get that camera back if you return the money you borrowed within a certain time frame. Make sure you understand the terms: ask what that time frame is and make sure you let them know that you intend to come back for your item.

If you have any other hacks and ideas please share them by commenting below.

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