3 Edible Plants That Are Easy To Identify and That You Can Find Anywhere

If you’ve ever wished that food was free then consider your wish granted. I’m not talking hamburgers and french fries here. I’m talking about healthy, natural foods. If you know how and where to look, food is everywhere, it’s free, and no one could care less about you eating them. Here are 3 of them to get you started.

1. Pine Trees

Did you know that pine needles, pine nuts, and even pine bark are edible? Personally, I’ve not had the opportunity to eat anything but the pine needles but I know that basically that whole tree is edible. The pine needles are pretty tasty and if the other parts taste anything like’em I’ll be having me a pine tree dinner 7 days a week. All silliness aside, they’re rich in Vitamin C (about 3 times more vitamin C than oranges). More Info

2. Dandelions

It’s best to pick dandelions where no pesticides are sprayed, away from roads, and after a big downpour of rain to wash off dirt and other traces of animals who may have marked their territory on your nutritious wild weed. Believe it or not dandelions are edible from head to toe; from the leaves all the way down to the root and they’re full of nutritious and DELICIOUS! goodness. From liver detox, to being great for diabetics, to calcium Dandelions are packed full of all kinds of vitamins and nutrients. More Info

3. Purslane

The leaves of Purslane are edible and a great addition to any salad. Just clean them, pick them, and eat em! More Info

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