3 Concepts to Think About For Your Next Science Fiction Story


Pansmeria is the idea that life exists all over the cosmos. From extremophiles to other organisms that have survived by piggybacking and hitchhiking on the backs of meteorites, space debris, asteroids, and comets and anything else that can travel through space and enter an unfamiliar atmosphere.


According to Planetary Scientist Christopher Mckay, of the many things that can go wrong with trying to terraform (transform a planet to support life like earth) a planet like Mars is that it could take up to 100,000 years to create a breathable atmosphere (source). Who wants to wait that long? This is why scientists are looking for a planet in the goldilocks zone (Not too hot, not too cold, just right with water and all the fixins and trimmins).


Most of us have seen Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” which is an iconic depiction of bilateral symmetry. And all bilateral symmetry is, is a design in which the right or left side is a mirror image of the other if cut right down the middle. But why were humans created in this image? In terms of survival is this the best design?

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